Greener Theatres Initiative

19 Oct 2023

Greener theatres initiative

We are committed to the ‘greener theatres’ initiatives, to operate in a greener way including reduction of desflurane usage, a type of high-emission anaesthetic gas. Ara Damansara Medical Centre (ADMC) is the first hospital amongst RSDH Group to be desflurane-free. This feat was followed by our sister hospital, RS Premier Bintaro (RSPB), who also achieved desflurane-free hospital status since March FY2023.

On 12th Jul 2023, RSDH held a virtual sharing session by anaesthesia experts from both Ramsay Australia and ADMC. The sharing session was attended by Group CEO, hospital CEOs, hospital Medical/ Clinical Representatives, Anaesthetists, Procurement team from all seven hospitals in Malaysia and Indonesia. Soon after the sharing session, RS Premier Jatinegara (RSPJ) and RS Premier Surabaya (RSPS) also announced that both hospitals have also achieved desflurane-free status. This is an incredible achievement by all our 3 hospitals in Indonesia claiming the desflurane-free status.

In addition to provide quality healthcare, we are committed to be planet-friendly in our operations. That is why responsible consumption is one of our focus areas in reducing emissions. We believe we can make a better choice by reducing desflurane usage, while ensuring high healthcare quality.”

All RSDH hospitals strive to be desflurane-free, and the management will be monitoring & reporting of desflurane usage on a quarterly basis.