Profile of Premier Jatinegara Hospital

Premier Jatinegara Hospital officially changed the name of the Mitra Internasional Hospital starting August 12, 2010.

Jatinegara Premier Hospital is a private hospital that is a reference for health services for doctors and people in need. Operating since March 25, 1989, Premier Jatinegara Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in East Jakarta that has advantages, including a commitment to quality, easy access, quality service, complete specialisation and medical equipment.

The coverage of health services provided by the Premier Jatinegara Hospital is based on One-Stop services where doctor consultations, investigations, operations, inpatient services to post-hospitalisation can be handled at the Jatinegara Premier Hospital.

The achievements of the Premier Jatinegara Hospital since its establishment until now are the realisation of the commitment of Premier Jatinegara Hospital to the quality of health services. We will continue to implement it to achieve the company’s vision and mission through the values ​​of the services embraced, namely Reliable, Fast, Right, Friendly, Proactive, and Consistent.

History of Jatinegara Premier Hospital
March 25, 1989, was the first time the Premier Jatinegara Hospital provided health services. At the beginning of the operation, the bed capacity provided by the Premier Jatinegara Hospital was 100 beds with supporting diagnostic equipment facilities that were sufficiently complete and adequate in accordance with medical technology at that time.

From 1991 to 1992, Premier Jatinegara Hospital held several changes and the development of health care facilities. Among the development of this facility is the existence of an Angiography tool to complement heart services and cardiac surgery facilities and ESWL devices to complement Urology service facilities. From 1993 to 1995, the capacity of the Premier Jatinegara Hospital beds increased to 245 beds. From 1997 to the present, in addition to increasing bed capacity to 280, Premier Jatinegara Hospital completed its service facilities by adding NICU / PICU facilities (ICU for infants and children), special treatment rooms for children, Stroke Unit treatment rooms, USG 3 D Dynamic, MRI 1.5 Tesla, MSCT Scan, parking building facilities, outpatient building facilities and more.

Over time, the ownership of Premier Jatinegara Hospital also changed. From April 2005 to the present, Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care, which is the largest health care operator in Australia, has ownership of the Jatinegara Premier Hospital.

Changes that occur in ownership at Premier Jatinegara Hospital do not reduce the commitment to provide the best service for their patients. This is evidenced by the efforts of Premier Jatinegara Hospital to continue to improve, monitor, add facilities and service services to its customers.

Commitment to Quality
The provision of quality health services carried out by the Premier Jatinegara Hospital is not limited to medical personnel but also to all health service lines and throughout the hospital environment.

The “Patient Safety Program” and “Infection Control Program” carried out at Premier Jatinegara Hospital are the top priorities because both are fundamental and absolute things that must be given by every medical and non-medical personnel who work at Jatinegara Premier Hospital.

The quality of human resources working in the Premier Jatinegara Hospital is guaranteed by the management of Premier Jatinegara Hospital as human resources who have competencies in their respective fields. This is done from recruitment to training to improve the quality of resources. With the good and maintained quality of human resources, it is expected to provide services that are in accordance with international standards.

To anticipate the changes that are always occurring in the hospital industry, a series of ongoing training activities continue to be carried out by Jatinegara Premier Hospital. Among the training activities, “Customer Satisfaction” training is one of the ongoing training.